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“If you played the final climactic scene to every dystopian science fiction movie ever made simultaneously, Scorched Transmissions would be its soundtrack. Part psychedelic rap, part sound collage, part lost ectoplasmic transmissions from an old episode of MTV’s ‘Amp,’ Scorched Transmissions is what happens when three Gods from disparate alternate universe mythologies join forces to steal your dreams and sell them back to you one song at a time. For the headphone enthusiasts, this album has more layers than an onion genetically spliced with a diagrammed cross section of the Earth and mated to Henry Miller’s combined output while the music of Les McCann burbles softly in the background.

Rapper Future Metz busts poetic rhymes, not to mention your mind, like Wal-Mart customers bust the seats of their pants. His flow melds the spoken word of Saul Williams with the metaphysical beatdowns of Mike Ladd, but his perspective slops a ladle of Terrence McKenna gravy on top of a steaming pile of David Cross brand mashed potatoes. He’s laid lyrics low for the likes of Future Sunz, Eleven Eyes and Xenat-Ra.

Avitar Virgonian puts his sound lab in a test tube and turns it like a kaleidoscope to create a topsy-turvy world where drumbeats become impossible colors and analog synth stabs murder the gatekeepers between dimensions. His conceptual prowess was once admired by Pedro Bell during a time-traveling fever dream, but fortunately for the space-time continuum, he forgot it when he woke. The architect of Audial Assassins Oscillate, Avitar’s cranked out more dope mix tapes than all the moon-eyed middle-school paramours of the 1980s put together.



Midi magician JD Casten was once called Sark before he defeated Flynn and Tron, broke out of the computer and created a happy Hollywood ending to hide his escape. His soundscapes provide a mathematical anchor for the verbal surrealism of Future Metz and the analog tentacles of Avitar Virgonian. Casten’s fastened together computer programs since he was a shorty, and rocked radio stations from BBC6 to WNYU with his Rhythm Messiahs and Tie-Dye Laces electronic hip-hop and shoegaze projects.

The Turntable Enabler is the unofficial fourth member, the black cherry on top of the band’s black sundae. The creepy clown aficionado swoops in at opportune times, dropping scratches on beats like a cosmic cat in white light/white heat. He’s been the crooked spine of such bands as Xenat-Ra, Nautical Sauce Posse, Huzzah and Eleven Eyes, to remember just a few. Together, these titans just might be our only hope. Take a swig from the sonic spigot, stream the songs, and if that doesn’t slake your thirst, treat yourself to the download that just might alter your destiny.”

Jake Ten Pas - Oregonian

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